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We cherish this time together - it is ageless and timeless as we meet with Jehovah God. In these radio programs He instructs us through a variety of gifted people - some authors, some Pastors, some teachers, some missionaries all touching Truth. This Truth will enrich our lives so that we may be a blessing on this earth: to Him and to each other.

Our prayer is that in all we do in our lives, that we give God worship and glory!

May you find hope, healing, and encouragement today as you listen and apply the truths you hear. May you grow up into Him - may the love, wisdom, and anointing on these programs bring you deeper in Him. May the scars of your life fall at your feet. May you stand on the heights of His Love. May these programs "re-program" your thinking, feeling, acting, living, and your worshipping of God.
We love you and are fulfilling part of our life- calling in the pages listed on the left, which are filled with radio interviews



Father, thank You for Your Love and eternal covenant with us. Holy Spirit, guide our brother and our sister now to the programs that will change their hearts and their lives. BREATHE LIFE on these words, be very present with us. Jesus, thank You for the finished work of the cross, Your death with our sins on You; the pouring of Your eternal Blood on the Heavenly Mercy Seat before the Father. Your Blood cries "Mercy" right now. Jesus, thank You that at this moment You are seated at the Right Hand of the Father making intercession for us. Thank You for drawing us into the eternal covenant. We love You. -- Amen

Remember always: God loves you - and Bill and Sandi do too!





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A ministry outreach of the Christian Counseling Center in Pickerington, Ohio. Programs are made possible by generous financial support of friends of the ministry.


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